Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Framing your face - Eyebrows

Now for those of you that know me, know how I've been through many different eyebrow phases. Having a mixed heritage, I've inherited dark eyes & dark hair and with that came big, out of control eyebrows. 

In my teenage years, I plucked them within an inch of their life. Seriously. I might even have a photo.....Not a great one but you can see how thin they were. This was about a year after I plucked them into oblivion and even then, they were too thin.

My non existant eyebrows about 3 years ago

Now, I'm not suggesting everyone dashes out and gets HD brows (otherwise known as the scousebrow) but I can definitely tell you that by focusing on your eyebrows, it completely transforms your face.

Take my dear friend Bethany (who probably won't mind me mentioning her here!) She has blonde hair and very fair skin. Generally, her eyebrows are quite fine and light and so I suggested we take a trip down to MAC to look at the eyebrow pencils. We found one in 'Fling' for £11.50 which is a retractable eyebrow pencil in an ash blonde kind of colour. As soon as she was shown how to fill in her brows, you could immediately tell the difference. Beth has amazing eyelash extensions as the moment and having the eyebrows as a 'background' per say, just made her eyes look amazing. 


So, now we've established how important eyebrows are, I want to go through the steps of creating the perfect eyebrow. It's important to remember that everyone is different. We all have different eyebrow shape, colours and you need to find one that's right for you. I tend to follow the eyebrow shape I already have and then just exaggerate it. 


The perfect eyebrow kit consists of the following;

  • Tweezers for any stray hairs. I tend to use my pink Boujois ones which are under £5 from Boots. Personally I don't see the point in spending a lot of money on tweezers as long as they do the job!
  • A good shaping brush. Now, you ideally need a slanted one. I use one that looks like this. This will then enable you to create a perfect line and help blend in the eyeshadow. 

  • An eyeshadow & eyebrow pencil that matches your natural eyebrow colour. Now, this may seem strange to use eyeshadow for your brows, but trust me, it works. Mixing eyebrow pencil and eyeshadow on your brows creates a fuller, more natural look. I use MAC corduroy eyeshadow and MAC spiked eyebrow pencil. 

Creating the look

Okay so first of all, use the tweezers to remove any stray hairs!

Then take the eyebrow pencil and start to draw small, short lines along the natural flow of your eyebrows. This can take some time and don't be afraid to go just under your eyebrow hairs. 

Once you have done this, take your eyeshadow shaping brush and your eyeshadow (only a small amount needed on the brush) and start filling in your eyebrows. This will start creating the fuller look. 

Now, there's an age old technique to checking how long your eyebrows need to be in correlation to your face. I use the end of a make up brush and line it up along side my nose and follow it out to the corner of my eye.

Finally, stand in a mirror and check that both of your eyebrows are of similar shape. It's so important to remember that your eyebrows will never be EXACTLY the same so don't panic if they don't look perfectly similar. 

And voila, you're all done! 

The above photo is of my eyebrows now and if you scroll back to the beginnning of this post you will see the difference (apart from being a lot older!)

Good luck and if you need any more tips, leave me a comment below :-)

Love Marissa xoxo


  1. You have won 'the versatile blogger' award


    1. Ah awesome Claire thank you so much!! <3 xoxo

  2. I over pucked my eyebrows too, I only just recently got them a bit thicker still got long to go yours are lovely and full they look rellay nice. Love the blog, I just followed :o) x


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