Saturday, 17 May 2014

The rare luxury

Nowadays, wearing make up has become a rare luxury. Between my 10 week old daughter and 4 year old stepdaughter, alone time doesn't happen often.  When I find an occasion to wear make up, trust me I will! I love make up and I always have.

I'm sure my Mum will recall the time I stole all her make up, hid in the bathroom and refused to come out unless she agreed for me to keep something. (Note: Mum, I'm pretty sure I still have your Avon eyeshadow!) Friends like to remind me of the fact at sleepovers whilst most teenage girls talked about boys, fashion or S Club 7, there I was curling my eyelashes. I just find it therapeutic.

That being said, I'm all for those make up free days. Letting your skin breathe is so important for good skin. I cleanse, tone and moisturize daily and it's something that I will instill in my girls. I try to explain to my stepdaughter that make up isn't something that makes you beautiful and in fact, it's something fun to sometimes make yourself look different and feel that extra bit confident. However, after seeing me throughout my whole pregnancy bare faced, her reply was ''But you look better with make up on.'' There it is, from the words of a little girl, the truth. I wear make up because in reality, I look better. It gives me the confidence to face the world. 

Make up isn't about impressing anyone or hiding your true self, it's about feeling as beautiful outside as you do inside. I truly believe that every woman deserves to have that WOW moment and if I can give one woman that, then I will be proud.

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