Monday, 9 January 2012

My first Make Up & Beauty Blog post!

Good evening Ladies & Gentlemen!

Welcome to my first Make Up & Beauty blog!

I'm currently training to become a Freelance Make Up Artist. My amazing teacher is Melissa Abel who is an incredible make up artist and entrepreneur based in Norwich, UK. 

I'm obsessed with all things make up and beauty and I wanted to start a blog to tell you guys about my favourite items and also, some of the ones I would avoid. I also hope to share with you my favourite tips, tricks and things to look out for in this industry.

So thank you for joining me as I begin my journey to having my own business - MDR Make Up. 

Bushells of love,


(...and for those wondering what 'bushells' means lots!)


  1. Hi, just stumbled across your blog, I'm new to blogging too, looks like we both had the same New Year's Resolution! I'll be keeping an eye on yours as would love to go down the training for freelance work, that btw is my end goal! Amy xx

  2. Hi Amy!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

    I started blogging last night after spending months watching all the beauty blogs etc on youtube and online!

    It look we have a lot in common! I’ll definitely be following your blog! One day we should even do one of those beauty swaps you see online if you’re up for it?

    I’m currently training with Melissa Abel who’s a Norwich based Make Up artist and she is amazing. She’s good friends with Samantha Chapman so knows the industry so well! It’s a very exciting time and I’d definitely recommend it (although I’m finding understanding the colour wheel a little tricky at the moment!)

    Marissa x

  3. Aw you sound just like me!! I loveee all things to do with make-up and beauty and I am always training to be a MUA. Good luck girlie xx

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    2. Your welcome! I am hoping to, I need to book my ticket!!Are you? xx

    3. I hope so too! I've heard such great things about the London and New York one but tickets are £45 so I'm not sure! It would be pretty awesome though! x

    4. Hi Katie!! Thank you for your lovely comments :-) I thought the exact same thing when I saw your blog!

      Are you going to the IMATS convention?!

      Good luck with your blog too! :-) x

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