Monday, 9 January 2012

''So. What is your end goal?''

For me personally, I feel it is so important to always have goals in life. It gives me a sense of direction and keeps me from going insane. Life can be extremely mundane at times but it's the realisation of how short our lives are that gives me passion and drive to succeed!

My incredible make up teacher, Melissa, asked me on my first day ''So, what is your end goal?''

To be honest at the very start of becoming a make up artist, I really didn't know. I just wanted to be good. To be good enough that people would hire me at their weddings, proms & events. That photographers wanted to work with me and that people in the industry know who I am. 

I still want that but I'm now starting to think a little bit further along. I know I can be good. Great even. I adore making people feel good about themselves and I know make up has always done this for me. I'm learning, yes,  but I know I will be successful.

So who knows. Maybe you'll see MDR make up brushes and make up organisers one day? Or even my own make up range. Maybe you'll see me working on the latest celebrity or maybe I'll be doing your make up at your wedding. Who knows. 

It's a very exciting time in my life and I'm very grateful to you all for taking the time out to read my ramblings! (Every time I see someone has read my blog, it gives me butterflies!)

Bushells of love,


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  1. Love your focus and drive :) I'm studying to be a MUA of sorts, for me its a stepping stone to go to cosmetic science, as I love the science and thought behind actually making the products!! So if one day you decide to have your own line along side your brushes, i'll make it for you haha :) great blog really love it!
    Lauren (Bollar) xxxx


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